Who We Are and What We Do
Giving Spirit is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of education for disadvantaged children in South Africa. Giving Spirit believes that by contributing to the enhancement of a child’s education experience, you can contribute to the success of the country in which they live. By improving the educational environment for children in communities with the least economic self-sufficiency, we hope to contribute to a stronger overall foundation for continued growth of the country of South Africa as a whole.
Most children in poor rural areas of South Africa lack the basic necessities needed to attend school such as textbooks, money for school fees and uniforms, pencils, and in some cases a sound building structure. In the absence of assistance, many South African teachers and their students lose hope. Children are forced to go without or simply not go to school at all. With these concerns in mind, Giving Spirit aims to fill in the gaps where government and related agencies simply cannot reach.

It is the ultimate goal of Giving Spirit to ensure that no child living in these under-served communities has to suffer emotionally or otherwise as a result of a lack in means to go to school or have the materials they need to learn.